Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Women and Shame: This will not produce weight loss

There are many who feel that calling overweight people ugly names will shame them into eating less but health researchers are showing that shaming actually caused women to eat more food. Those with a limited amount of knowledge of obesity often discriminate against overweight people, but a new study in women confirms that name calling does not lead to weight loss but may in fact lead to weight gain. Feeling ashamed is not a source of motivation.

The childhood meanest of name calling is rising it ugly head to some declaring that name calling should be used to “motivate” overweight people eat less; what those who support this position do not understand is that most overweight people are not overweight from gorging on food; there are many factors which are related to obesity. Physical, emotional and mental factors are all related to obesity; in fact, many overweight people actually eat less than thinner people but still cannot drop the excessive weight. Shame (actually name calling) is ineffective at making a person eat less.




Brenda Major, a faculty member in department of psychological and brain sciences at the University of California at Santa Barbara.


“People might think the overweight women who read the weight-stigmatizing article would eat less than the others,” Major says, “but they didn’t. As we predicted, they actually ate significantly more than the other women in the study. And afterward, they acknowledged feeling significantly less able to control their eating.


The reason we are all getting heavier

The food makers are at the center of the obesity epidemic in much of the Western hemisphere; it is the use of their highly processed food chemical which are spreading inflammatory fat to millions worldwide. The foods today are a set up for weight gain; 91 million in the United States are overweight and this did not occur from eating from McDonald’s. Our out of control weight gain can be blamed on the food manufacturer’s highly processed food chemicals, it is crucial that we turn away from celebrity diets and towards science for real weight loss.

How women really lose weight from Science

When European researchers used a specialized diabetes inspired diet on overweight people without diabetes an amazing thing occurred, the inflammatory body-fat was reversed and all lost significant body weight. Here we see a true loss of real inflammatory fat; this is what works. It is necessary to do what science does to get the right results.

Note: If you are not reducing inflammatory fat you are not getting healthy, the commercial TV diets are not based on any real science.

Why did a diabetic styled diet work for people with or without diabetes?

Diabetes is an inflammatory condition and so is obesity, it makes sense that the diet could be created which was styled from a diabetic type diet to stop the inflammatory fat. The diet caused overweight people without diabetes to become naturally thin; weight loss is accomplished when you do what science says”

Inflammatory fat around the waist and on the body can be very stubborn to remove, most commerical diets are a waste of time but science has given us the solution; this was the only real life solution from real science. Name calling does not cause people to lose weight but science shows that women can lose weight by simply do step by step what the researchers did with this diet to get thin.


The original diabetic styled diet used by people without diabetes to get thin in over 17 countries






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