Thursday, January 23, 2014

Best diet for women to lose weight? What works

What is really the best diet to help women lose weight? The rates of obesity among females have been increasing steadily over the last 40 years, the problem is now effecting even the youngest of girls. It is important to know that the excessive fat that many females are carrying today is leading to very serious health complications. The foods today are causing increasing inflammatory fat which is dangerous to the health, the best diet for women must stop our modern day inflammatory fat.

Inflammatory fat disrupting our hormones

The effects of obesity or simply being overweight can be devastating, one of the more scary ways that excessive body-fat is causing health problems is by disrupting natural hormone balance. Excessive body fat causes many different negative biological changes, the fat starts to surround the organs leading to kidney, liver and heart complications, this is a very serious situation. Excessive inflammatory fat leads to hormones changes which can lead to early death, these hormonal changes are causing health officials to see younger girls beginning their menstrual cycles earlier. Inflammatory fat wrecks the body and we are carrying too much of it. The best diet for women must stop the runaway inflammatory fat that is behind our obesity epidemic

What is causing our obesity?

The food-makers are directly responsible for the obesity epidemic and they get rich off it, the highly processed food chemicals of today are in almost all the foods and they spur on inflammatory obesity. The foods today are a set up for inflammatory weight gain, these processed food chemicals cause fat to stay on the body, these processed food chemicals are ruining our children and spreading obesity. The so-called healthy foods today are packed with highly processed food chemicals making eating a gamble to your health. The Food-makers are the worst enemy to the health of the people today, their labels lie and what they call healthy is simple false advertising.

A diet for women to lose weight must be able to stop the inflammatory fat but this is not happening, the little girls are experiencing early menstrual cycles and this is very scary.

The girls who are obese are clearly maturing earlier,” said Dr. Frank Biro, a pediatrics professor at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “BMI is, we found, the biggest single factor for the onset of puberty.”

Turning to science to lose the weight, what works

The answer to the dilemma is once again answered by science, when European health researchers developed a diet for overweight diabetics they noticed the diabetics all lost weight by reversing the nasty inflammatory will this work for overweight people Without diabetes?

...Now came the real test to try the diabetic styled diet on overweight people without diabetes

The results

The diabetic styled diet did what the popular diets did not do, the diet reversed the nasty inflammatory fat causing fast weight loss in people without diabetes.

The best diet for women: Why did this work for people with or without diabetes? Diabetes is an inflammatory condition and so is obesity, it make sense that the a diabetic styled diet reversed the inflammatory fat causing natural fat loss in people without diabetes.

SEE HERE: The original diabetic styled diet used by people with or without diabetes to lose stomach fat in over 17 countries


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