Friday, January 17, 2014

Help Women Lose Weight? What really Works

What can help women lose weight? This is a very good question and when we look at the research regarding a woman's body we see that there is much that can be done when we learn from health science. There is a growing dilemma, more and more females are carrying excessive amounts of body fat and this is leading to very serious health complications. In this article we will discuss what science says can really help women lose weight, this is information that you should act on.

Why the fat won't leave

The first thing to understand from science is the fact that obesity or carrying too much fat is an inflammatory condition. We are seeing incredible numbers of females who are losing the battle to body fat, this inflammatory condition is affecting all ages. According to a new study from England led by Dr Claire Griffiths, in collaboration with Leeds City Council we are getting much heavier. This is affecting teens and adults.

The waist of the average 15-year-old girl has expanded nearly 13cm (5inches) in the past two decades, according to a study which finds that many younger females are even fatter than previously thought.

Dr Griffiths commented: “Children appear to be getting fatter and the extra fat is being carried around the waist, which is not being detected by BMI alone”

More people are dieting but are not losing any significant amount of body fat, we must do what science reveals will help women lose weight. If you want to drop real body fat it must be first understood that the inability to lose body fat is an inflammatory condition related to our modern day food manufacturers.

The foods today are highly processed and manufactured with food chemicals which increase inflammatory obesity, knowing this is essential to losing excess body fat. The female body is deeply affected by the highly processed food chemicals of today and few diets truly address this root cause problem. The so-called healthy foods of today are also highly processed and they increase inflammatory weight gain, if simply eating healthy worked we would all be skinny. The highly processed food of today causes the female body to hold fat What can help women lose weight? Science does have an answer!

How to win the fight and drop the stubborn fat

1.Obesity is an inflammatory illness

2.Diabetes is an inflammatory illness

3.The inability to drop body fat is an inflammatory condition

When researchers used a specialized diabetes diet created for people with or without diabetes all dropped significant fat, this is real weight loss science.

According to science the way to fight fat today is with a diabetic styled diet for people WITHOUT diabetes, this is the secret to halting our modern day weight gain. This has worked in 17 countries to defeat the food makers and their chemicals which cause the body to hold fat.

The majority of diets do nothing to stop the inflammation from our modern day food supplies but the diabetic style diet surprisingly does.

Diabetes and obesity are both inflammatory conditions, so it should really be no shock that the diabetic styled diet caused all overweight individuals to lose weight even those who did not have diabetes.

Study conclusion: Nothing causes natural weight loss like a diabetic styled diet that stops fat causing inflammation. This is what can help women lose weight

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