Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Diet for flat stomach? A serious answer from science

Researchers say there is a diet for a flat stomach and when we see the scientific research behind belly fat we see why this works. With the rate of obesity increasing many are seeking for a way to get rid of the excessive weight around the waist, it must be clear that most diets will do nothing to remove adipose tissue(fat) from around the waist line but you can defeat this. A diet for a flat stomach must address the true cause of the body holding the excessive fat and this is what most diets simply cannot do. In this article we will explore what type of dieting can scientific help to removal belly flab.

Belly fat is medically called abdominal adipose tissue and most diets have absolutely no real impact on this fat, despite the overwhelming numbers of diets on the market today obesity is still increasing at a very rapid rate. The reality of the situation is that adults and children have waistlines that are dangerously increasing, a study from England recently publicized how horrible the situation has become.
Health experts now believe that central obesity (fat round the mid-section) is increasing at a faster rate than general weight according to new research by Leeds Metropolitan University, published in Public Health journal.

Dr Griffiths who led the study commented: 'BMI is a useful measure however, it may be more appropriate to use a combination of both BMI and waist circumference, as is recommended in adults. Children appear to be getting fatter and the extra fat is being carried around the waist, which is not being detected by BMI alone.'More people than ever are dieting but the waistlines are getting wider! A diet for a flat stomach must address this but most people have know idea what really removes the belly fat, most diets will NOT remove belly fat.

The study from Leeds Metropolitan University made it abundantly clear that we are storing more stomach fat but science does have an answer.

The foods today are causing the body to produce rapid inflammatory belly fat, all excessive fat on the waist line is caused our modern day processed food chemicals; it is almost impossible to stop this. The food makers highly processed food chemicals are now included in even the so-called healthy foods, the foods today cause the body to store more fat on the belly. It is not uncommon today to see thin people with potbellies.

Science not celebrities

Celebrities do not help you lose weight, they get paid to make diet commercials that make them richer.

The way to lose the fat around the waistlines is answered by Science not Actors

1.Obesity is an inflammatory illness

2.Diabetes is an inflammatory illness

3.The inability to drop fat on the belly is an inflammatory condition

What is the diet for a flat stomach? When researchers used a specialized diabetes diet created for people with or without diabetes all dropped significant fat, this is real weight loss science.

According to science research the way to fight fat today is with a diabetic styled diet for people WITHOUT diabetes, this is the secret to halting our modern day weight gain. This has worked in 17 countries to defeat the food makers and their chemicals which cause the body to hold fat, this reverses the inflammatory fat we hold so much today.

The majority of diets do nothing to stop the inflammation causing fat from our modern day food manufacturing but the diabetic style diet surprisingly does.

Diabetes and obesity are both inflammatory conditions, so it should really be no shock that the diabetic styled diet caused all overweight individuals to lose weight even those who did not have diabetes.

Study conclusion: Nothing causes natural weight loss like a diabetic styled diet that stops fat causing inflammation. The diet for flat stomach has worked for thousands.

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