Monday, February 17, 2014

A diet for a woman? Why timing matters

There is a science to how your body works and a diet for a woman had better address the stubborn inflammatory fat that sits around the waist or it is wasting your time. Inflammatory fat is simply dangerous, it is linked to the various health complications that are associated with obesity, a diet for a woman must be able to address the stubborn inflammatory fat which is what cause so much diet failure.

Timing is everything

Were you an overweight child or maybe you put on the pounds when you became an adult, this truly matters because early childhood weight gain usually translates into an adult with a weight problem according to researchers. Plainly put inflammatory fat attacks early.

Dr. David Colvard, of the Infants and Children's Clinic in Florence, echoed the results of the study, saying children who are overweight have an increased risk of all the problems associated with overweight adults.

"Recent studies have shown increasing problems for adults who were overweight as children," he said

"We are seeing more children with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver problems. And these problems worsen with time”

It is essential to address the inflammatory fat early but few diets can reduce this, commercial diets are all marketing spots not science. A diet for a woman must be based on real science.

In addition to fighting the inflammatory fat on your body you must also fight the food makers. inflammatory fat is produced by much of the foods in your supermarket, the so-called healthy foods are also filled with highly processed food chemicals which encourages inflammatory fat, this is what most diets do not address.

The answer is to addressing the inflammatory fat is with a diet created to do just that,  this is exactly what science has done.

European researchers stopped the inflammatory fat by creating a diet that was fashioned off a diabetic type diet, this worked because obesity and diabetes are both inflammatory conditions. The results were that overweight people with or without diabetes all lost the inflammatory fat and became thin on the diet.  This is science giving you the answer to becoming thin and it worked

Addressing inflammatory fat is your key to being thin but few diets are able to accomplish this, but researchers showed that the diabetic styled diet removed the fat in overweight people without diabetes.  This was real science that worked; this is a diet for a woman


Today’s women have been set up from the start by the Food-makers to be overweight but with the help of science you can be thin, it is up to you. Stick with science, the diabetic inspired diet caused people overweight people without diabetes to stop the inflammatory fat and get thin.


The original diabetic styled diet used by people without diabetes to naturally get thin in over 17 countries



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