Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Can Calcium help you lose weight? What a woman should know


Can Calcium supplements really help women lose weight? To answer this question we must once again turn to science not television commercials. Many females turn to calcium as a way to help bone and teeth strength but it is important to know the real facts about how this mineral works to help your body. Most of us women are very concerned with weight loss and getting the facts from science is what has made this website so popular.   Can calcium help you lose weight? In this post we will explore what you really need to know about this mineral supplement and your losing weight.

A recent French study made it clear that calcium can help a woman lose weight but only in those who were already deficient ( very low) in the mineral, this study was reported in the British Journal of Nutrition

Angelo Tremblay and his team at Universit√© Laval's Faculty of Medicine made the discovery in a 15-week weight loss program they conducted on obese women. The participants consumed on average less than 600 mg of calcium per day, whereas recommended daily intake is 1000 mg. In addition to following a low calorie diet, the women were instructed to take two tablets a day containing either a total of 1200 mg of calcium or a placebo. Those who took the calcium tablets lost nearly 6 kg over the course of the program, the researchers found, compared to 1 kg for women in the control group. 

The take home message was that the calcium supplements are great if you are not getting enough dairy.

If you want to boost your calcium weight loss with food instead of pills then researchers from a major University say low fat foods can help shed the pounds.  Calcium is not a magic pill for weight loss but for those who do not get enough dairy it may be important to start eating more of it, researchers noted that dairy calcium was the most beneficial

The key is low-fat dairy sources, says lead author Hang Shi, a postdoctoral student in the Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. "High-fat dietary calcium can establish obesity, but it's surprising that low-fat calcium may help reduce body fat, The effect is very significant, much more than we imagined it would be."

The failure of calcium in so many studies may mean that the supplement and food only works in those who are deficient.

Real weight loss

What you should know is that the body desires to be in perfect  balance and it is remarkable how giving it what it needs can actually change our health from bad to good. Readers of this site know that a diabetic styled  diet produced the fastest weight loss than any other diet in people with or without diabetes, this is because the diabetic inspired diet is the only one shown to really reverse inflammatory fat.

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